What’s the Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows?
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What’s the Difference Between Bay Windows and Bow Windows?

Installing new windows is a treat to yourself and your home. You get to increase the amount of natural light in your home while upgrading the view of your property, not to mention the added style!

Other than optics, bow windows may also benefit you with improved energy efficiency, as properly installed energy-efficient windows increase insulation, helping you retain your home’s desired temperatures.

Before you pull the trigger, have you thought about something bigger than just plain old windows? You’ve seen bay and bow windows around, but you have no idea how to tell the difference.

Let’s look at the difference between bay and bow style windows and see what fits you!

Bow Windows

Bow windows are large, arching structures containing at least four different windows. These types of windows provide a great view and increased natural sunlight. The arching design comes across as sleek, and bow windows would be an excellent centerpiece for a more modern and metropolitan renovation.

Bow windows are great for cloudy environments where overcast is a common occurrence. These windows draw in the maximum amount of sunlight on rainy days, allowing you natural lighting.

With its semi-complex structure, you may assume they would be impossible to open up; but you’d be wrong! Bow windows use easement windows, meaning you can open them up for added ventilation.

Bow Window Installation Cost

Bow windows are quite an investment if you decide on them. Their structure and size put the price around $4,000-$8000 on average. Be sure to install energy-efficient windows as large structures like this may bleed cold air in the winter.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are similar to bow windows but with key differences. A bay window creates a small extension of the room! This small alcove is perfect for a lounge area with a view or a space to put extra seating while attaining the benefits of a large glass pane.

Many people who work remotely utilize their bay window area for office space without sacrificing the rest of the room. Bay windows also use casement windows, allowing for proper ventilation.

Bay Window Cost

Bay Windows cost a little less than bow windows, usually priced around the $3,000 to $7,000 mark.

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