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When the cold weather rolls in, homeowners need to prepare for the worst that the weather can bring. One pervasive problem that can cause major damage to your roofing and the rest of your home during winter is ice dam formation. Often a result of poor ventilation in your roof or attic space, ice dams require immediate removal to prevent serious damage – not just to the roof but also other critical parts of your home.

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Ice Dam Solutions for the Twin Cities

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that typically forms on the edge of a roof. Melting snow (water) can’t drain off the roof and instead backs up and leaks into the home, causing damage to gutters, paint, ceilings, insulation, interior drywall, and other areas.

Dealing with ice dams on your own can be dangerous, and going up onto your roof during winter to deal with the problem is never a good idea. Luckily, you can trust your local roofing professionals at Timberline Roofing & Contracting to handle your ice dam removal for you. Get a free quote today!

Why Choose Timberline for Ice Dam Removal?

Our professional roofers are trained and certified by top manufacturers such as GAF, Atlas, Certainteed, Owens Corning, Mastic, Firestone, and Mule-Hide. We’ve got the skills and knowledge to handle all your roofing needs with expertise. Moreover, we are insured and have the capacity to remove your ice dam using special equipment to melt the ice and snow from your roof.

You won’t want to hire anyone who proposes to use a high-pressure power washer to do the work, as doing so can damage your shingles. Less-reputable contractors may also use metal shovels, which can harm the integrity of your shingles. If anyone proposes to get rid of your ice dams in this manner, be sure to run the other way!

Get Rid of Your Ice Dam Problems Pronto!

If you do not feel capable of removing an ice dam yourself, put your trust in Timberline Roofing & Contracting. With our team of qualified and experienced professionals, we can help you get rid of difficult ice dams in no time at all. We also offer gutter, siding, roof repair and maintenance, and commercial roofing.

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