Summer Maintenance Tips for Cedar Shake Shingles
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Summer Maintenance Tips for Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar shake shingles are a unique kind of roofing, giving you the aesthetic of natural wood split into a beautiful finish. Many benefits to choosing cedar shake shingles include increased energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and boosted curb appeal.

However, with its many benefits, cedar shake shingles offer several drawbacks. This wood shingle is not on the cheap side, nor is it fire resistant. The final drawback is the high maintenance nature of cedar shake shingles, and with the investment you already put into them, you’re going to keep up with the maintenance!

Here are some summer tips for maintaining your cedar shake roof.


The key to great maintenance for any facet of your home is a proper installation. Any exterior project with shoddy craftsmanship shows wear and tear within a couple of months. Cedar shake shingles are delicate to install, so contacting a trusted Twin Cities cedar shake roofing professional for a seamless install keeps your roofing from prematurely degrading.

Cleaning Gutters

The transition from spring into summer is a wonder. The weather warms, the snow melts, and the birds chirp again. However, there may be evidence of fall and winter debris that’s been living in your gutters for the past several months.

Cleaning your gutters in the summer is a vital step in keeping your cedar shake roofing in pristine condition. Clogged gutters give little to no water flow for summer rains to pass through, leaving pooling near your roof. Over time, this pooling water will damage your cedar shake shingles and prompt a repair or a whole replacement.

Removing Debris

As with your gutters, cedar shake shingles will have a degree of debris resting upon them from last fall. The fallen debris prevents the rain from channeling correctly while also helping to better the chance of moisture retention, leading to further water damage.

Moss & Mold

One of the most significant drawbacks to cedar shake shingles is their ability to retain moisture, promoting moss and mold growth. When it’s safe to do so, get on your roof, inspect for moss and mold growth, and remove trouble areas before they cause damage.

UV Protection

The summer sun will wither away at your cedar shake shingles. UV rays will dry and warp wood, so it’s best to get your roof treated with a protectant spray.

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