Minnesota Homeowner’s Spring Roofing Checklist
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Minnesota Homeowner’s Spring Roofing Checklist

Let’s face it, winters in Minnesota do a number on everything it touches, especially our home’s exterior. Your roof may sustain anything from wear and tear to significant damage over the cold months. The best time to check on the state of your roof is after the cold subsides, allowing all the snow and ice to melt away.

Before you go inspecting the roof, however, it’s always a good idea to draft a checklist. Here is the perfect spring roofing checklist!

Debris Removal

After the snow and ice melt off your roof, you will see various amounts of debris. It may look harmless, but idle debris on your roof promotes mold growth and all sorts of other water damage. So, grab your ladder and pick off leftover winter debris from your roof so it can properly dry out!

Gutter Cleaning

Debris over the winter not only finds its way on your roof, but it also will plague your gutters. Gutters play a pivotal role in directing the flow of water away from your home after a storm passes. Removing these pesky little sticks, twigs, and leaves will keep the water away from your shingles and the rest of your property.

Check for Loose or Missing Shingles

Throughout the winter, snow and ice might cause your shingles to shift and even separate from the underlayment of your roof. Missing shingles is a sure sign of damage, so spotting it early is the best way to solve the issue before it gets worse.

Trim Tree Branches

Having trees next to your home provides many benefits. Trees give you shade in the hot summer months and can be a shield from the wind. However, that wind might turn those tree branches into dangerous projectiles. Any overhanging branches near your home should be trimmed or removed to prevent damage to your shingles.

Attic Inspection

If your home suffers from ice dams over the winter, you may want to inspect your attic come spring. The number one reason ice dams form is poor attic insulation. Additionally, ice dams also indicate water damage such as mold or mildew lurking in your attic, which should be removed right away. Proper insulation will do the trick to prevent ice dams and water damage in your attic.

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