Best Remodeling Projects to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency
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Best Remodeling Projects to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Winter is upon us here in the Twin Cities area. We face some of the coldest winters here in the upper midwest and, as the temperature starts to dip, our energy bill begins to rise. The cold can sneak through just about every crevice exposed in your home, which will spike your energy bill.

Having the exterior of your home up to date is a must for a warm, cozy home and an energy bill that’s not outrageous.

Let’s take a look at some remolding projects to help improve your home’s energy efficiency!

Roof Repair/Replacement

As you may already know, heat rises. When your home works hard to keep you warm during the winter, an old roof may be getting too much heat escape. In addition to a higher heating bill, heat escaping through your attic will eventually cause an ice dam to form at the edge of your roof.

The simple solution to stop warm air from escaping from the top of your home is a roof repair or replacement. Installing or patching up new asphalt shingles along with a fresh base layer will sure up any cracks or weak spots found in your roof which will help keep warm air in.

Attic Insulation

An additional method to help energy efficiency in the wintertime is to improve your attics insulation. Your roof and attic work together to keep warm air in your house. Just like when your roof needs replacement or repair, an improperly insulated attic can be costing you hundreds of dollars in energy cost over time along with the increased chance of ice dams during the winter.

Siding Repair/Replacement

Siding plays an important role in your home’s energy efficiency. If your siding needs repair or replacement, you could be losing a lot of warm air during the winter, contributing to an increased energy bill. Replacing your old siding with vinyl, engineered wood, or fiber cement siding will help sure up your home’s insulation and cut down on energy costs during the cold months!

Window Replacement

If you think about it, windows are just holes in our house. If a window is old, it may have an insulation problem. Replacing your old windows with double-pane or double-hung windows can help separate the cold winter air outside and the warm air generated in your home.

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