How to Pick Siding for Your Minnesota Home
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How to Pick Siding for Your Minnesota Home

The siding on your home has been looking old before you even purchased it. You decided it might be a good time to fully replace your siding, but what kind will you go with?

There’s plenty more than just a single option for siding replacement for your Minnesota home. The question is: which option best fits you? Are you looking for something affordable and easy to maintain, or are you looking for an eye-catching style?

Here are the best styles of siding you can choose for your Minnesota home.


Ole’ faithful. Vinyl is the most common siding you can find in Minnesota and many parts of the country. Vinyl comes with an abundance of styles and colors to choose from.

Vinyl is the easiest siding option to install and maintain, usually just needing a quick spray with the garden hose to clean. Its affordability is another reason why vinyl is an attractive option.

The only drawback of vinyl siding is the lack of durability.


Although there are not many styles and color options with metal siding, it makes it up in durability. If you’re concerned with severe weather damage, fire damage, or insect infestation, then metal siding will be your go-to.

Yes, metal siding doesn’t have much for color or style, but it still harbors a unique aesthetic. Metal siding will stick out compared to its neighbors since it isn’t the most popular option.

If you’re looking for durability with a unique aesthetic, metal siding is the way to go.

Fiber Cement

If you never want to have to deal with siding replacement again, choose fiber cement siding. Fiber Cement can last up to 50 years if installed correctly. Additionally, fiber cement comes in many styles and colors to choose from.

The drawback of fiber cement is the installation process is quite laborious. However, if professionally installed, you won’t have to worry about siding again!


Cedar siding is a commitment, but a beautiful one at that! Once installed, cedar siding will make your house the best-looking one on the block! Not to mention, cedar siding is incredibly durable

Be prepared to inspect and maintain your cedar siding a few times a year if you choose this option!

Engineered Wood

Made out of chemically bound-together wood strands, engineered wood is an affordable and easy-to-maintain siding option. Engineered wood is also resistant to water damage, warping, and mold damage, to name a few.

However, engineered wood’s color can fade rather quickly, and the materials it’s made out of are not eco-friendly.

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No matter what type of siding you choose, you will want it installed by trusted professionals. That’s why you should call on Timberline Roofing & Contracting!

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