How to Tell If Your Home Has Hail Damage
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How to Tell If Your Home Has Hail Damage

Hail storms can do great amounts of damage to your property. While you can’t always prevent hail storms from wreaking havoc, you can know what to look for after the storm has passed.

Properly assessing hail damage to your Twin Cities home will provide the benefit of fixing the problem before it grows more severe and costly. Here’s how to tell if your roof was damaged by hail.

Water Leaking From the Ceiling

Hail storms can put cracks and dents upon the shingles of your roof. These blemishes cause exposure to the elements. Moisture will begin to seep into your roof, causing leaks in the interior of your house.

This could be harmful if not taken care of immediately, as mold can grow and lead to poor air quality in your home. Your electrical system may also suffer damage as moisture can find its way to the wires snaking through your walls.

Loose Granules on the Ground or Roof

Granules on your shingles protect it from the sun’s UV rays while providing fire resistance. These small specs of asphalt will rub off and degrade over time. However, if you notice loose granules on the ground or your roof after a hail storm, your roof has probably suffered damage.

Dents or Crack to Your Shingles

After a hail storm, it’s best to try and take a look at your roof or have a trusted professional come to search for any potential damage.

The most common sign of hail damage you will find is cracks and dents. Even if your roof suffers a few dents means trouble. Dents or cracks may be hard to spot right away, but as soon as you do, you will certainly see more.

Black Spots on Shingles

Hail hits cause black marks to appear on your shingles and can feel soft, like a bruised apple. Additionally, the damage will be random with no discernable pattern, so it’s recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor to assess any possible damage endured.

Other Signs of Hail Damage Around Your Home

If your HVAC system has taken a couple of blows from chunks of hail, it will likely mean your roof also suffered damage. The same goes for clogged or broken gutters, damage to your car, and damage to your home’s windows. Any damage to the ground level of your property will also mean storm damage to your roof!

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Hail Damage?

If you’ve noticed the above signs that your home has hail damage, you may wonder if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the damage. The short answer is yes.

While knowing your policy is important, most homeowner’s insurance will cover unforeseen damage due to severe weather, like hail. If you need to submit a claim, there are a few steps to follow:

  1. Assess the damage. If you’re unsure of the extent of the damage, you can call Timberline Roofing and Contracting to help.

  2. You should file the claim as soon as possible.

  3. When your claim is approved, you should always work with a trusted roofing contractor.

Call on Timberline After a Hail Storm

If a hail storm has just occurred and you’re worried about the potential damage to your roofing or siding, contact Timberline today!

We proudly serve the Twin Cities Metro with GAF Master Elite certified installers.

We will inspect your roofing or siding after a storm and work with your insurance company to get you what you deserve.

Call us at 612-284-5329 for fast help or get a free quote online!

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