How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof
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How to Safely Remove Snow From Your Roof

While the Twin Cities in Minnesota can get varying amounts of snow during the winter, if a bad snowstorm rolls through and dumps a lot of heavy, wet snow, you should consider removing that snow from your roof. The amount of snow your roof can handle varies, but if you’re worried, Timberline Roofing is here to give you some tips about removing snow from your roof.

The general rule of thumb for removing snow is that you have about a foot of snow on your roof. Even just clearing the snow from your gutters can help with proper drainage.

Remember, if you feel uncomfortable with the task at any point, stop what you’re doing and call in the professionals. Timberline Roofing can help, especially if you have ice dams on your roof, which are even more dangerous to remove without proper training.

Work With Another Person

Snow removal can be hazardous, particularly when working on the roof. It’s a good idea to have another person around to help and ensure you don’t get injured. In addition to benefiting from having a second pair of eyes handy, they can also call for help in case something happens.

Move Smaller Amounts of Snow

Even if your roof can handle a large amount of snow, it is best to remove smaller amounts of snow at a time. Rather than wait until you have over a foot of snow on your roof, it’s wise to take off those few inches first.

Keep an eye on your weather forecast, too. If you have several days of snowfall on the horizon, you may want to pick one or two days to remove the snow accumulation to help reduce potential problems.

Buy a Roof Rake

Roof rakes are designed to help you remove snow while standing on the ground. Using a ladder in the wintertime is not safe, so a roof rake is your best and safest option.

With a roof rake, you will lift it up to the roof and pull the snow down to the ground. Make sure you’re standing away from the eaves so the snow does not fall on top of you. In addition, watch out for falling icicles.

It’s Not Necessary to Remove All the Snow

It is unnecessary to remove all the snow from your roof. Stay on the ground, and do not go up on the roof to clear away the snow. Use the roof rake and pull down the first few inches of snow.

This will help prevent your gutters from clogging and reduce the possibility of an ice dam forming. Removing all the snow from your roof can cause damage to the shingles, which could cause potential leaks or other structural damage.

Remove Ice Dams from Your Roof

Ice dams are a build-up of ice from melted snow caused by a warm roof with poor ventilation. As the melted snow cascades down to the gutters, it refreezes into a large block of ice. You may also notice large icicles hanging from your roof, which is an indication of an ice dam.

Removing an ice dam is a tough job and should not be taken lightly. DIY ice dam removal can be dangerous and potentially damaging to your roof if not done properly. Your best bet is to hire a professional with access to special steam equipment that can remove the ice dam without causing more damage.

Commercial Ice Dam Removal

Commercial or multi-family buildings with steeped or flat roofs can still get ice dams. Excessive ice, snow, and water buildup can cause leaks by intruding on your roof.

Flat-roof buildings are particularly vulnerable to leaks caused by ice dams if the water has nowhere to drain. Ice dams can be dangerous to your employees, and customers should a chunk of ice break and fall to the ground. 

If you have a history of ice dams on your flat-roof building, consider calling a company like Timberline Roofing to inspect your roof for leaks, proper slope toward drains, and evidence of standing water.

Removing Snow from a Commercial Roof

Removing snow from a flat roof can be challenging, but you can accomplish it by using a heavy-duty push broom to brush off the snow. A shovel or snow blower should not be used because they can cause damage to your roof. And don’t forget to include fall prevention measures to ensure safety.

If you don’t feel safe doing this yourself, call Timberline for help!

Don’t Fret Over Ice Dams. Call Timberline Instead!

If an ice dam has already formed on your roof, don’t try to remove it. Call Timberline Roofing today to receive expert ice dam removal. Send us a message or call us at 612-284-5329.

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