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5 Common Roofing Styles for Minnesota Homes
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5 Common Roofing Styles for Minnesota Homes

You have a plethora of options when it comes to your Minnesota home’s exterior. However, you may not be aware of these options, especially for your roof.

Let’s look at the five most popular roofing styles in Minnesota!

1. Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are commonly found on commercial properties. It’s simple to install a sloped roof on a residential home, but that’s not the case for more prominent places of business. Flat roofs are more cost-effective than sloped roofs for these buildings. However, flat roofs will work on some residential buildings as well!

Flat roofs are not completely flat, though. A subtle pitch comes with a flat roof to help direct water flow away after a storm.

2. Gable Roofs

Gable roofs are one of the most common roofing styles in the United States. Gable roofs have the most simple design as two sides slant upwards and meet at the peak to form a 90-degree angle.

The slant on Gable roofs is excellent for rainy and snowy conditions; their design helps shed every type of moisture compared to other roofing styles.

Lastly, Gable roofs offer a versatile design, making easy installation no matter the situation.

3. Hipped Roofs

While Gable roofs have two sides forming a peak, Hipped roofs have four. This design is perfect for French Provincial style homes or brick homes with larger-squares architecture. The shape Hipped roofing offers makes it resistant to heavy winds while giving extra headspace in the attic.

4. Gambrel Roofs

Gambrel roofs are often found on barns in Minnesota. They are similar to Hipped in their design, with a shallow slope near the top and a steeper slope towards the bottom. Gambrel roofs also offer more headspace for your home but are not excellent at shedding moisture.

5. Shed Roofs

This type of roof is popular with (you guessed it) sheds. However, the shed roof found its way onto homes in recent decades. You can find shed roofs on modern homes, usually in a development area on the edge of town.

Shed roofs are perfect for a home with walls of varying lengths, consisting of one pane from top to bottom. A bonus perk of shed roofs is added natural light as their design promotes extra windows throughout the single pane.

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