9 Tips to Choose a Shingle Color for Your Roof
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9 Tips to Choose a Shingle Color for Your Roof

Is it finally time for a roof replacement? You've had to endure all the leaks and ugly, warped shingles for far too long. But while it may be time for a fresh start, there's a question when considering new shingles for your roof that's often overlooked: what color do you want for new shingles?

It’s actually a fundamental question to ask, albeit it sounds pretty silly. Your roof makes up close to 50% of your exterior’s visibility.

Choosing the right color of shingles for your home is vital to your customer experience. After all, you won’t need to replace your entire roof for another 25 years, so it’s a big commitment.

If you’re looking to replace the shingles on your roof, here are nine tips for choosing a shingle color for your home!

1. Match/Coordinate Color With Your Siding

When it comes to choosing a color for shingles, you should take into account the other parts of your home’s exterior. Be sure to choose a shingle color that matches well with your siding and shutters!

2. Take Weather & Climate Into Account

Living in the unpredictable climate of Minnesota, there’s no telling what the weather can do. Severe weather can roll in at any moment while the summers are unforgiving and the winters are long and bitter.

When choosing a color of shingle, take into account the climate in your area and its effects on certain colors of shingles.

3. Study Homes Similar to Yours

Study what kinds of colors and styles of shingles you see on houses similar to yours. Whether the choice is an eyesore or a smashing success, it’s great to get inspiration from and collect a decent sample size!

4. Ask Your Roofing Contractor for Samples

When you’ve chosen a trusted roofing contractor for your roof replacement, ask for a variety of samples they have. Taking a few nights to compare and contrast colors will give you a better understanding of which will be the right fit!

5. Complement Your Home’s Architecture

There are many styles of houses in the Twin Cities metro area. If you live near a river or a lake with a steep bank, you may have a house built on a hill. Residing on a hilly landscape is perfect for owning a nice, large plot with a classic Victorian house sitting on top of it.

The architecture and style of your house play a large role in deciding what color to choose for your shingles. There’s the perfect shingle color for every style of house!

6. Neighborhood Aesthetics

Consider the overall aesthetic of your neighborhood or community. While you want your home to stand out, selecting a shingle color that blends well with the surrounding homes can create a pleasing and harmonious visual appeal.

7. Energy Efficiency

If energy efficiency is a priority, consider shingles with cooling properties. These are lighter in color and designed to reflect more sunlight, reducing the amount of heat absorbed by your home and lowering cooling costs.

This goes hand-in-hand with proper roof insulation to help your home’s temperature stay consistent during various weather patterns.

8. Testimonials and Examples

Look for testimonials or examples of homes with similar styles or colors to get inspiration and see how different shingle colors can transform the look of a roof and overall curb appeal.

Many roofing manufacturers provide shingle samples or online visualizing tools that allow you to see how different shingle colors would look on your roof. Take advantage of these resources to get a better sense of how the colors will work with your home's style and exterior.

9. Consider GAF Shingles

GAF shingles are a high-quality brand of shingles that highly trained roofing contractors use to make a home stand out. Timeline Roofing and Contracting are GAF Master Elite Certified, which means you’ll get better warranty coverage on your shingles. GAF shingles are long-lasting and can last decades while withstanding weather conditions and sunlight.

They even have a resistance to wind speeds up to 130 miles per hour! Plus, the warranties are exceptional, and you’ll be covered should something happen within the warranty period. There are plenty of GAF options to choose from to ensure your home is complete with the right shingles.

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