“I've work with Gordy on many projects and he has done a top notch job every time. I highly recommend Timberline Roofing”

— Stu Hudson St. Louis Park, MN

“It was a bad year for us with some medical issues involving surgery, when a storm belted our house with golf ball-size hail, causing considerable damage. A friend recommended Timberline, and Gordy appeared very promptly. He not only worked with our insurance, he was instrumental in getting them to do a second inspection and re-appraisal, pointing out that the existing high-quality siding we had was no longer available. So instead of just patching one side with materials that didn’t match, we were able to get the whole house re-sided.

Gordy was wonderful, working around our medical schedule and giving us options. We wanted a lapboard look to the siding instead of the vinyl look you see so much these days, and Gordy searched and found exactly what we were looking for that came with a lifetime warranty, and was hail proof to boot. We have new architectural shingles that also have a lifetime warranty. And we went with a new color, which changed the character and look of the home. Timberline’s workmanship was fantastic and exceeded our expectations, and our home looks brand new, with a brand new look!”

— Mary Hemjum St. Louis Park, MN

“We were moving and in the process of selling our house and had some ice damage to a very complicated area of our roof that needed to be repaired before the deal could go through. It was a time-sensitive issue and Timberline was very responsive. They promptly matched the cedar shakes perfectly and repaired the damage while the buyer heavily scrutinized the work. Gordon was totally open to working with both me and the buyer, and we were very pleased with the work. I have relied on Gordon over the years for several projects and advice. He’s a very honest guy who doesn’t promise what he can’t deliver and you can count on him being around, which is important these days with so many so-called contractors running around.”

— John Mccrea Bloomington, MN

“Our house was sided with some old masonite material which had seen its day, and then we had a bad storm with hail and wind that damaged the siding and blew some shingles off the roof. We knew Gordon through a friend and gave him a call. And even though we had initiated the insurance claim before Gordon stepped in, he took care of everything after that so we didn’t have to hassle with it, which was nice. The crew was very professional and did a great job replacing the siding with 4-inch vinyl siding that we had selected. They also replaced the shingles on the roof. After they were finished, we had a problem with one very small detail, but they came back almost immediately and took care of it. We are very pleased we had called on Timberline.”

— Adam & Jennifer Clifton Robinsdale, MN

“I’ve had my siding and roofing replaced three times in the last three years due to hail damage. I used a different contractor each time and this last time I went with Timberline — I’ll never use anyone else. Gordy is a great guy. He’s honest, which goes a long way with me, and he did the best job by far of any of the contractors I’ve worked with in the past. He handled all the insurance, even going back to them for more money because I waited until after storm season was over to do the repairs and the price of shingles had gone up in the interim. Gordy did a lot of legwork to find the exact siding to match the grain of the undamaged siding. It was hard to find, but he did it and it matches perfectly."

— Brad Apold St. Michael, MN

I would highly recommend the work of Gordon and Timberline Roofing. Gordon and his team went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied the communication along the way was through and frequent. I would highly recommend Gordon and his team, and I plan to utilize them again as needs arise."

— Mary-Olson, MN

Very pleased with the way our job was handled. on time, on budget and addressing any issues that arose, as they always do, quickly and simply. no question we'd use them or recommend them."

— Hud Samuel, MN

Very pleased with the way our job was handled. on time, on budget and addressing any issues that arose, as they always do, quickly and simply. no question we'd use them or recommend them."

— Amy Tibbs, North Oks, MN

I am impressed with the after-repair cleanup. Previous roofers had left literally thousands of tacks in my rock beds and lawn. I have two small children – plus, I’m picky about my lawn – so I spent many hours on many days picking up tacks. Since Gordy’s crew finished, I’ve stumbled upon less than 10 tacks, and those were from the downspout off the gutters. I can guarantee, once you try Timberline, you’ll always go back.”

— John Mayer, Minnetonka MN

The work appears to be of very high quality, and at a very reasonable price. They met their schedule dates even with bad weather the week before the scheduled date.

— Mark Karden,  Austin, MN

Overall the whole process went well. Took a while to begin the project due several roofs and rainy weather ahead of us. We we're keep inform about start dates. Crew did a good job of keeping work area neat and clean. Final project looks wonderful. Glad they did it!!

— Jim Collins, Austin, MN

My experience with Timberline Roofing and Contracting was excellent from start to finish! The problem was checked, I was given the information I needed, and the Repair was completed quickly! Every individual I dealt with at the company was courteous, knowledgeable and very helpful! Gordon was recommended by a friend and I will definitely recommend it to others!

— Chellesa Wision, North Oaks MN