Restoration Process

The insurance restoration process can sometimes be a difficult and confusing one to navigate without the right assistance, especially for Minneapolis residents who have never made a property claim before.

The following is a 10-Step Guide to the Insurance Restoration Process:

1. Schedule an Inspection with a qualified storm restoration contractor like Timberline Roofing & Contracting, to assess what, if any damage has been done to the home.

2. Contact the Insurance Company with the following information to report that you may have damage to your home:

  • Policy Number: Found on your insurance paperwork.
  • Type of Damage: For example wind, hail, or tornado.
  • Date of Loss: Date of the storm.

3. Schedule an Adjuster Appointmentwith the adjuster assigned to you by your insurance company. Get the following information:

  • Adjuster’s Full Name
  • Adjuster’s Phone Number
  • Time and Date of Appointment

4. Contact your Timberline Roofing & Contracting Representative with the Adjusters information. A trained representative will meet with you and your Adjuster to ensure a thorough inspection of your home and fair assessment of any damage.

5. Meet your Field Representative to discuss the adjuster inspection and set up a time to select products and colors for restoration.

A Claim Report and the First of Two Checks will be mailed to you from the insurance company.

7. When received, contact your Representative to arrange a time to discuss the report as well as to check it for any missing or incorrect items.

8. Select Colors and Productsfor your project and it will be scheduled for production within two weeks.

9. Timberline Roofing & Contracting will send the Final Invoice to you and the Insurance Company when the restoration is complete.

10. When you receive the Second and Final Check from the Insurance Company, the remainder of the invoice is due.