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It’s likely that your home protects majority that you hold dear in your life: your family, fond memories, and maybe even a part of your financial savings. Therefore, it’s imperative that every part of the home provides as much protection as possible, and this includes the roof.

The roof not only provides protection against the elements of nature, but also from unscrupulous individuals that may want to do you or your family harm. As such, the roof needs to be reliable. It needs to be durable enough to withstand the forces of nature and to act as a formidable barrier for anyone who may want to enter your home illegally.
If you’re looking for a reliable roof, then you’ll need the most reliable roofing contractor to build it. If you’re in Austin, MN, then the company you’re looking for is Timberline Roofing & Contracting.

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Timberline Roofing & Contracting is primarily a roofing services company. We build superior quality roofs that not only meets but also exceeds the acceptable standards of quality. At Timberline Roofing & Contracting, we believe that roof is one of the most important parts of the home, thus should not only be the home’s crowning glory, but also one of its toughest components as well.

Our vision is to continue to provide the most reliable roofing services in Austin, MN and in all the areas we operate in. Therefore, we ensure that our highly skilled roofers have access to high quality roofing materials for all of our projects.

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A roof is a sizable investment, so whether you’re having it repaired or replaced, you only want the most reliable roofers managing the job. Call us at (612) 284-5329 to get started or fill out our online form to schedule your FREE consultation.