Commercial Roofing

Comprehensive commercial roofing services

Whether your property has a flat roof, low-slope roof, or steep-slope roof, Timberline has the expertise and experience to handle virtually any commercial roofing job. We specialize in repair, re-cover, restoration, or resurfacing utilizing a wide range of traditional materials, as well as new products designed for efficiency and energy savings. From simple tar and gravel for a built-up roof, to heat-reflecting shingles, environmentally friendly recycled products, and Energy Star® systems that could qualify for LEED credits, Timberline will meet your budget and exceed your expectations every time.

We can also help you “Go Green” with new roofing concepts, such as Garden Roofing that transforms your roof into an insulating, oxygen- producing/CO2-absorbing ecosystem, or Solar Roofing that turns your roof into an electricity producing, money-saving machine.

We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and serve Minneapolis and St.Paul MN area, all of upper Midwest.

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