Soffits and fascias are important parts of the home. They do more than just make the house look good; they actually serve to protect the home and make it last longer. Timberline Roofing & Contracting shares a quick look at what they are and why they are important.

What Are Soffits and Fascias?

Soffits and fascias are often mentioned together by  siding contractors, but they are two distinct elements necessary to any roof structure.

The word “soffit” is derived from a Greek word that means “to fix underneath” and a French word that means “formed as a ceiling.” That description is apt – soffits are the exposed surface seen on the underside of the roof’s overhang. They cover the area beneath the rafter tails, extending from the siding to the edge of the eave.

Fascias, on the other hand, are exposed horizontal bands at the end of the rafters. These bands serve to create a barrier between the roof’s edge and the outside, making it look good while protecting the roof from weather damage.

Why Are they important?

Like replacement windows, these home elements make your home look good while protecting it from unwanted problems such as insects, bats, birds and small animals. They also work to provide your home with adequate ventilation and insulation.

By closing the area beneath the rafters and eaves, Soffits prevent pests like spiders, bats and squirrels from entering the home. They also protect the roof’s underside from rain water that can be blown. Furthermore, Soffits help lower utility bills by providing homes with adequate ventilation.

Fascias, on the other hand, serve to protect the rafters from moisture, which can cause the roof to degrade faster. They also help improve the home’s overall aesthetic.

Soffits and fascias need to be installed properly so they can function well. It’s also best to have them inspected prior to or after inclement weather, so that they can be included in any roof insurance claim if they’re damaged.

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