Heavy rainfall, high winds or hail storms can damage your home and its components—including your roofing system, which makes up a large part of your property. Timberline Roofing and Contracting, a trusted expert roofing contractor, explains how metal roofing can mitigate the effects of climate extremes.

Metal Roof vs. Extreme Weather

A metal roof can resist decades of abuse from the elements, withstanding wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. It also has wind and uplift resistance that is above the new building code criteria. In areas with heavy snow, metal roofing is effective at shedding snow fast, protecting the structural integrity of a roofing system. In parts prone to wildfires, they can also protect your home from burning embers landing on your home.

Interlocking Panels and Concealed Fasteners

Metal roofing systems deliver better protection from strong winds than others, thanks to panels interlocking on all sides to keep each other in place during hurricanes. Hidden stainless steel clips and screws also join panels together. These fasteners aren’t exposed to the elements, decreasing deterioration and failure. They also allow contraction and expansion without compromising the integrity of a residential roof installation.

Best Against Snow

In snowy areas, most roofs are steep to shed snow. Metal roofing has lower friction than asphalt shingles, so it will shed snow even more easily. Compared to other materials, metal is the strongest in extreme weather conditions. When well-installed, it withstands strong winds, rain, snow, hail and ice.

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