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Dry and Damage-Free Home through Newer, Better Gutters

They may be overlooked, but your gutters actually play a large role in protecting your home from extensive water damage. That’s why, if your existing ones are already rusted and sagging, the better and longer-lasting solution is gutter replacement. Timberline Roofing and Contracting can help you with this. As your premier roofing and exterior company, we offer only the highest quality gutters available, ensuring a durable build and superior draining performance.

New Gutter Advantages

Here are some of the excellent advantages that make our new gutters a worthy investment for your home:

  • Maintain Structural Integrity. A failing gutter system makes it easy for rainwater to enter your home, sometimes dripping onto exterior walls and foundation. New gutters will continue catching rainwater and directing it away, ensuring your home’s structure remains intact. This means safer and sturdier living spaces free from water damage.
  • Prevent Decay and Mold. Constant water exposure can cause wood to rot on your fascia, soffit, or around door and window frames. This also encourages mold and mildew growth, which comes with a number of health risks. By investing in a well-performing gutters system from Timberline Roofing and Contracting, you no longer have to worry about this.
  • Stop Soil Erosion. Rainwater splashing onto the ground around your home can lead to erosion. If you want your landscaping and exterior to remain undamaged, all you need to do is turn to us for new gutters. We’ll make sure the water volume resulting from heavy rainfall is effective controlled.
  • Lets You Avoid Basement Flooding. Without durable gutters to channel rainwater away, your basement, including interior walls and flooring will be vulnerable to flooding. Avoid the stress and costly repairs by turning to Timberline Roofing and COntracting for your gutter installation needs.
  • Prevent Water Stains and Streaks. New gutters also help keep your home’s exterior looking good. Because they don’t let rainwater near your walls, there’s zero potential for unsightly stains or streaks, while ensuring your home’s vibrant exterior palette lasts longer.

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Several financing options are available including:

Zero Interest / No Monthly Payments – 6, 12 & 18 months

Timberline’s in-house financing team is available to help you choose a financing option that suits your needs.

Awesome job

"Recently I had storm damage to my roof, windows and siding. After contacting several contractors, I chose Timberline Roofing. The sales rep was very professional, the job went smoothly, on schedule and the results were awesome. Nice to have someone exceed your expectations."  Joni K

Great Work!

"I have been working on a significant remodel and have dealt with several contractors. Working with Timberline to replace my house and garage roof was the easiest process with beautiful results! My salesman handled all of the paperwork. The crew arrived as scheduled, they were friendly and spent time moving patio furniture and covering my landscaping. When the project was completed, everything was back to original place and I did not find so much as a nail. Honestly the easiest thing I have ever done with over the top results!"  - Stephanie S.


"Timberline roofing and siding did exactly what they said they would do in re-roofing our home and did it in one day! Their price was very compitive to others, and Paul was terrific to work with. I’ve been in the real estate business for over forty years and have done business with many contractors over those years. Without any hesitation I would always call Paul at Timberline to do work for me."  - Dan M.

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