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4 Tips to Make Your Minnesota Roof Last
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4 Tips to Make Your Minnesota Roof Last

The roof over your head does its job 24/7, shielding you and your family from Minnesota’s unpredictable climate. With that being said, your roof can go through a considerable amount of wear and tear over time.

Here are four tips to make your roof last.

1. Clean At Least Twice a Year

The most important part of maintenance is cleaning. Removing debris, like leaves and branches, will help the flow of water away from your home.

It’s best to clean your roof at least twice a year. Once in the autumn and once in the spring are most prudent as you will be able to remove any falling leaves and other debris left by snow.

2. Clean Your gutters

Roofs and gutters work together to keep the flow of moisture away from your home.

When gutters are clogged, the standing water from a storm will seep through the shingles sheaths, exposing your roof to potential rotting and structural damage.

3. Take Preventative Measures

The best way to avoid damage is prevention and protection. A good way to start is by checking on your attics’ insulation. Good insulation will prevent water from pooling under your roof if you do have a leak.

Trimming off overhanging branches is the most common practice to prevent major damage. Removing the branches ensures they won’t be able to snap off and hit your roof during a nasty wind storm.

Another practice of prevention is ventilation. Keeping the air at a constant current around your home helps prevent moisture from forming. Inspect and clean your ventilation as necessary and, if you don’t have ventilation in your attic, consider getting some installed.

4. Check Your Roof After a Storm

Whether it’s a thunderstorm, tornado, or hailstorm, you should always consider checking your roof for damage. Even the smallest dent on a shingle can grow into a big problem.

You should look out for any missing shingles along with torn or dented ones. Shingles that show bald spots or sagging are also a sign of roof damage.

It’s better to find damage after a storm than to let it go. Catching roof damage early will save you thousands of dollars in repairs. So if you find damage after a storm, call a professional right away!

Contact Timberline Roofing & Contracting

Did your roof or siding get damaged by a recent storm? Then we’re here to help! We offer insurance assistance so you get the money you deserve to repair your roof after a storm.

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